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Xbox One X 1TB Console
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4.3 out of 5 stars
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Average Review:
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Fourth time's the charm 9.2/10
November 12, 2017

Before i even try and explain if this is worth the $500 price tag
One thing every consumers needs to know before buying this particular version of the Xbox One
If you do NOT have a Ultra HD tv/4K tv save your cash do Not buy this.......
This is pretty much Microsoft version of the XBox One Pro
It's main selling point is 4K content
save your money for a 4k tv then after the Holiday hype/push get this Console when you have a 4K tv and it's given a proper SRP
Some gamers are being extremely dishonest and saying you don't need a 4k tv to enjoy this version of the XBox One
It's ideal for a 4k tv/monitor

This is the fourth Xbox One I've bought in less then 4 years which is crazy
I'll openly admit as a consumer I've been a "mark" plenty of times this generation
But, to be fair this generation has been horrible all around between Console Companies, shady developers, "crowdfunded games", and the Toxic Internet trolls each... read more
Best Console I've Ever Bought!
November 11, 2017

From the moment I opened up the box, I could tell this console is constructed well and is of great quality. I have a PS Pro and was excited to go back to the Xbox because it has a better community and interface of entertainment options. I like my PS Pro, but it doesn't compare the new Xbox One X. The graphics are much sharper and there's more detail on the X. The X also runs much quieter than my Pro. All around, the X is the best console I've ever purchased and I'm enjoying seeing my games like the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 in all their glory!
Surprised by the improvements.
November 10, 2017

I will start this review by saying I was a little skeptical on what this system could do. I bought a ps4 pro last year once I upgraded our tv's to 4k and even though it did look better it wasn't a big improvement and was a little disappointed but still okay with it since the ps4 is a great system. Yesterday my wife convinced me to get the xbox one x and give my original xbox one to my nephews for christmas (she wanted the 4k blu ray player). So I found a store that actually had them in stock so I bought one and was not expecting the upgrade in some of the games I briefly tried. I first tried gears of war 4 and my wife who is not a big gamer instantly said "holy crap that looks so much better" and she was right it looks a lot better. It loads faster, a lot more detail and I just tried halo 5 and that was a big improvement. PS4 has better exclusives and I will still get those but from this point on I will be buying 3rd party games for the xbox one x instead of the PS4 pro just... read more
I like it.
November 8, 2017

It's not intended to be for everyone. A few of us "geeks have the cash, interest and hardware to take advantage of it. The Xbox is my entire entertainment center. I literally use it every day, whether it be streaming services, gaming or over the air TV. I'm on 1080p and notice enhanced performance in all directions. Faster load times, better textures, everything is sharper, snappy and smooth dashboard menus. If you're a casual user you'd probably be fine with S or original Xbox one.
Pretty damn great all around, best console hands down.
November 7, 2017

The extra horse power is easily apparent from the get go, from the Dashboard and guide being super quick and slick, to the 4k HDR options or on certain titles that can't reach 60fps you have 1080p 60fps ultra settings options and a mix of in between for some games. Games like Gears4, Halo5, AC Origins and Shadow of War are awe inspiring in 4k and 1080p performance mode is a dramatic upgrade on some of these same titles. Hell even games without a patch are running seemlessly and to be honest look alittle better by smoothing over alot of jaggy areas. The console it's self is sexy minimalisum and runs pretty quite. Controller is standard with added texture in the grips. Havent streamed in 4k yet but I have captured and screenshot 4k and it's fast and beautiful.

Basically I'm completely happy with buying it, I know 500 seems a bit steep but the console preforms and will no doubt be a part of the next generation will all the power still untapped.
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Product Details
Product Description:

Feel true power with Xbox One X.

  • “The Xbox One X is a beast of a machine and worth every penny”- Xbox Achievement
  • “…the smoothest, most immersive console gaming experience possible.” – Daily Star (UK)
  • “An incredibly impressive console.” -IGN

Xbox One X is the world's most powerful console. With 40% more power than any other Console, experience immersive true 4K gaming. Blockbuster titles look great, run smoothly, and load quickly even on a 1080p screen. Xbox One x also works with all your Xbox One games and accessories as well as Xbox live, the most advanced multiplayer network, giving you more ways to play.

*Broadband internet required (ISP fees apply). Online multiplayer requires Xbox live Gold subscription (sold separately - ISP fees may apply)

Product Features:
  • Play on the world's most powerful console. Experience 40% more power than any other console
  • Games play better on Xbox One X. 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and a 4K Blu-ray player provides more immersive gaming and entertainment
  • Play with the greatest community of gamers on the most advanced multiplayer network
  • "The Xbox One X is a beast of a machine and worth every penny"- Xbox Achievement
  • "...the smoothest, most immersive console gaming experience possible." - Daily Star (UK)
Video Games
Video Game
Product Type:
video game hardware
action games
X 1TB edition
Item Model Number:
Part Number:
Release Date:
November 7, 2017
Quantity of Items in a Package:
Hardware Platform:
xbox one
Operating System:
Xbox One
Product Dimensions:
Length1.56 ft0.47 m
Width1.01 ft0.31 m
Height5 in12.70 cm
Product Weight:
12.38 lb5.62 kg
Package Dimensions:
Length1.54 ft0.47 m
Width1.01 ft0.31 m
Height4.92 in12.50 cm
Package Weight:
10.63 lb4.82 kg
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