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1 Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]
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4.6 out of 5 stars
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Digital download
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#23 in Video Games
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Average Review:
4.6 out of 5 stars
Five Star Reviews:
A must have for any and all PS4 owners
November 9, 2017

Got this at a GREAT price. A must have for any and all PS4 owners. Having PlayStation Plus will grant you access to downloadable content, free downloadable games, PS cash that can be used to purchase more games, DLC, clothes and much more.
Great service for a good price (as the increase isnt reflected here!)
October 7, 2017

Playstation plus is a service that has changed over the years and right now it offers free games on top of online gaming and online storage. I personally use it for the online gaming on my PS4 along with the random free games it provides. In my experience, if you don't EXPECT great games, this is a fantastic deal. I always try out what is offered and have been surprised a good number of times. RIght now, I have far too large of a backlog, so its all just nice to keep going and adding to it! The online gaming and storage is key of course to accompany many of the games I play.

As of right now, this price is far better than you can buy it direct as the cost just went up. That being said, stock up on years and years while you can!
Best purchase option. Is it your first time buying?
September 29, 2017

First of all a small explanation in case you are not familiar with Plus. Welcome to PS world.

-PlayStation Plus is available to all PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita owners.
-While the membership is active you'll receive six free downloadable video games every single month, you will receive and email every time they change the titles(Note that you can add these games to your library even without downloading them if you want to have a reminder that they are available in case you decide to play them that month).
-All PlayStation Plus members receive weekly discounts up to 75% on games, add-ons, season passes, and other digital content. While also providing access to limited discounts only for members.
-One of the most important features is the Online multiplayer unlocked for every single games(excluding MMORPGs that are owned by different companies, ie Final Fantasy 14).
-While your PS4 is set as your main console, every single person who also has... read more
Great Gift!
June 15, 2017

Playstation Plus has amazing value, and a year of it makes a most excellent gift for any Playstation 3,4,Vita owner - provided they have internet access for their device. Don't fear that they already have it, because this is a service you desperately do not want to be without once you have had it. If they won't use it this year, they can use it next year, or they can trade it with one of their good friends to both secure something else they want, and ensure their ability to play with that friend!

I bought this as a birthday gift for a friend of mine, and it wound up being great value for me as well, since we are now able to play lots of games together. He is also very pleased.
Can't really say anything bad
January 30, 2017

It's a digital subscription, what more can you say unless you're trying to figure out whether you really need to purchase it or not. If you want to game online with friends then yes the only way to do that is by purchasing the subscription for PlayStation Network. Playstation raised their price if buying directly on gaming systems so definitely worth it to buy through amazon. This is a digital product so you don't have to wait for product to ship, you are able to go on your amazon account immediately after purchasing to receive code and enter on your gaming system if you're trying to play online with a friend right away.
Does the trick for just $50.
January 15, 2017

Save $10 plus 5% ($2.50) if you have the Amazon credit card. And, it's as easy as signing up via the PlayStation Store page. Just buy this and you'll instantly receive a code upon checkout. Log into your PSN account and go to the PlayStation store. Then, just scroll down to 'Redeem', pop in the code, and you're done! It's really that easy.
Worked Just Fine, But They May Not Be Available For Long
December 29, 2016

I've seen a few reviews where people claim that this doesn't work, but after trying it I'm inclined to believe that they either were experiencing technical difficulties on their end or they may have been doing something wrong without realizing it. I purchased my code while at work and was able to get the code instantly, I wrote it down as I would not be able to try it until I got home about an hour and a half later, but when I did get home and entered the code it worked fine instantly.

Also, for anyone upset about the $59.99 version of this product, I did a little research and it seems that Sony did increase the annual cost of their 1-year memberships to $59.99 in general sometime back around August/September 2016, so it appears that stores such as Amazon and Best Buy who still have some of the $49.99 cards/codes in stock are still able to sell them alongside the new/more expensive ones until they sell out. So if you want to save $10, go ahead and get your $49.99 1-year... read more
Save yourself some money and buy the digital code
December 19, 2016

I only purchase my playstation plus memberships on Amazon. You save yourself 10 dollars versus buying directly on the playstation store and it really couldn't be much easier to use. All you have to do is purchase the card on amazon, then go to the plastation store and directly on the bottom left you go to the redeem code option. Type in your code and you have officially renewed your playstation plus. I would highly recommend this.
Be Open-Minded! This IS Worth It!
October 31, 2016

Playstation raised the price of this 12-month membership by $10 just a month ago. Amazon still has the old and cheapest price available anywhere here in the U.S.
So this was a no-brainer. In terms of PlayStation Plus membership, there are all kinds of opinions out there if it is worth it or not. For me, it is, because you get two free games every month. Yes, some of the games are not that good, and most of them you don't even want, BUT still, I like to be open-minded and try new things. And c'mon, it's less than five bucks a month!
Also, by having PlayStation +, you can play online with friends, your cloud storage is larger, and you get great discounts at the PS online store. Just this weekend, I was able to purchase The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2 for $5 each (80% off). I'd say with just one month my money is already worth it!
BTW, you are buying a code that you have to redem on your PS console. Amazon will charge you taxes, though. I am not sure why, but they do... read more
I enjoy this for the free games that comes with the ...
September 28, 2016

I enjoy this for the free games that comes with the Subscription service, They release Playstation Plus games every month Free for you to download, they will let you play those Playstation plus games while you are under their subscription. They are not always the best games but it is fun to sit down and play a game you would never think about purchasing . just remember if you play the free games offered by playstation plus after your subcription is finished you will not be allowed to play the games untill you resubscribe.
Purchased on 9/22/16
September 21, 2016

Right on the day price change took effect.. I got it for 49$ yess.. With the $5 for the friend referral it came out costing me $44 lol good price.. Awesome now to renew till next year haha on Oct! (since mine expired next month on the 22nd)
Super easy! Purchased on here to give another year ...
September 18, 2016

Super easy! Purchased on here to give another year before the $10 price increase that falls on Sept. 22nd, 2016. Added in with no problem! Will definitely purchase from Amazon again! And Discover card users can currently get 5% cash back if you use your card on this too! :)
works perfect!! i live in Costa Rica and i ...
December 1, 2014

works perfect!! i live in Costa Rica and i could do a purchase in the play station estore without any problem.

Funciona perfectamente vivo en costa rica y pude hacer sin problemas mis compras en la tienda de Play Satation
November 29, 2013

The Card works fine I assure you since after countless tries I was finally able to punch it in successfully without any error, the problem is the PSN Store and NOT THE CARD!! The server is overloaded with the amount of people on it who JUST LIKE YOU purchased this AMAZING DEAL. The server was overloaded and cannot handle this much requests at the same time. I ASSURE YOU THAT WITHIN 24 HRS IT WILL BE FINE (for U.S). For now just write down your code and keep it somewhere safe and try it later. If your as persistent as me then keep going at it and you might get lucky if the server chooses you, lol. The server is overloaded and this the reason it's displaying that error.

This is why I Prefer Amazon rather then any other of the retailers, I mean who wants to get trampled?? Buying this in the comfort of my own home deserves a 5 star indeed!!!


It has come to my understanding that people (mainly European) are still having trouble... read more
A Subscription Service With Plenty of PLUS...
June 3, 2011

Playstation Plus is a paid service that is OPTIONAL for users of the Playstation Network. The service provides users with discounts, free games, online storage and much more that I will outline below. The offered digital Playstation Plus subscription code is a safe alternative for users who do not Own, or wish to give their credit card to Sony, or use Playstation Network Cash cards.

There are currently two models of subscription; 3mo @ $17.99 or ~$6.00/mo and 12mo @ $49.99 or ~4.17/mo. Obviously the best deal is the 12mo offer. **This card gives you a 12mo subscription**

- Every month the Playstation Store will have featured products available for Playstation Plus users. This often amounts to at least one free "featured" game offered per month, as well as various other free titles.

- Playstation plus holders will also receive special discounts on select items, which changes every month. The price reduction can be anywhere from... read more
Four Star Reviews:
After purchasing, I immediately entered the code on my ...
December 20, 2017

After purchasing, I immediately entered the code on my PS4 and it didn't work. I tried it a few more times and still no luck. After troubleshooting for maybe 15 minutes, I tried it again and it worked. I believe it takes 10-20 minutes for Sony to register the newly generated code after purchasing it from Amazon. If the code doesn't immediately work for you, wait 20 minutes and try again.
You kinda need it...
May 9, 2017

The code arrived in under 10 minutes which was quicker than I expected. Code was working just fine and I had no issues registering it into my PSN account. In my honest opinion no one should pay anything higher than 50 dollars for this so I would wait for any deals that come up which is very often. As cliché as it may sound I miss the good old days when online gaming came free and paid dlc was rarely ever heard. Although when you think about it charging for online services makes some sense since they need staff and equipment to run servers smoothly (although servers being down is not uncommon). I just feel like the 60 dollor price tag for a year of ps+ is asking for too much. The pros of ps+ is the 2 free ps4 games and online gaming but the free games are rarely ever hyped up games so don't get your hopes up, expect a lot of indie titles. I still think it's worth playing with my friends
Three Star Reviews:
If you play online on console, this crap is required, unfortunately
July 7, 2017

Code worked immediately with not problem

However, the PS+ service, in my opinion, is a money grab by the Sony. The "free" games are ok at best. Constant lag issues on playstation network. Crappy Updates. Hardly use the online storage since they seem you can't even share the games you bought online like in PS3.
Two Star Reviews:
Less and Less Value
July 8, 2016

I am having a really hard time convincing myself that PS+ is worth it. If it wasn't required to play online, I would canceled a long time ago. The free games they are giving away are 80% garbage indie titles that no one was buying anyway. If you think a triple A title is going to be free on PS+ that isn't at least a generation old, you are fooling yourself.

I believe they said the reason for the requirement was to maintain servers, but don't the games use their own servers? Another way to nickel and dime.
One Star Reviews:
November 28, 2017

Did NOT work!! Invalid code!
I want a refund asap, I bought the 12 ...
December 15, 2016

I want a refund asap, I bought the 12 months code, and it says that the code is invalid or have been used before.
Product Details
Product Features:
  • 12 Months - Play All Year Long
  • Enables online multiplayer on PS4, so you can play games online with friends
  • FREE PlayStation 4 games every month
  • Access to exclusive PlayStation Store sales and discounts
Sony PlayStation Network
Digital Video Games
Software Download
Product Type:
video game accessories
Product Format:
action games
12 Months edition
Item Model Number:
IP9101-NPIA90005 01-1YEARPACKAGE0000
Release Date:
March 22, 2011
Quantity of Items in a Package:
ESRB Age Rating:
PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Hardware Platform:
PlayStation 3
Operating System:
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